Battle Spirits Saga - Savior of Chaos Booster

Battle Spirits Saga - Savior of Chaos Booster

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Battle Spirits Saga Card Game Set 04 Savior of Chaos Booster Display [BSS04] will contain the first appearance of powerful Double Symbol Spirits. Starting with Nova, each colour will have Spirits return strengthened.  But that's not all.  This release includes a collaboration with Evangelion!

Nova returns with two symbols!

Double Symbol Spirits have not 1 but 2 symbols in the lower right corner. In addition to the potential of lower the cost 2 portions, a Double Symbol Spirit also has the potential to reduce the life an opponent by 2 with 1 attack making it extremely powerful! There will be Double Symbol Spirits from each colour in addition to Nova included in the lineup!

Huge increase in the number of SPR / SAGA Rare card types

It will have 18 types of SPR cards, 2 types of SAGA Rare cards, making it double for these types from the previous boosters! The lineup will also include many cards with crisp illustrations, which increases the collectability!

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