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Entirely redesigned and modernized, this edition includes two expansions:
The River and the Abbot.

Build your own Medieval Cities with this Award-Winning Strategy Board Game
There's a reason Carcassonne is our #1 best-selling board game ever! This Euro-style strategy board game is fun and fast-paced, and offers incredible variety every time you play. It's easy to learn and unlike many city building games, it's challenging enough to keep both hardcore gamers and family players on the edge of their seats as they battle for domination.

How does Carcassonne work?
In Carcassonne the players are the architects of the game world. Taking turns to place printed tiles on a table or other game surface, players quickly build a map of Medieval France. The tiles depict features including towns, roads and fields. The tiles must be placed in a way that makes sense, for example, a road-tile connecting to another road-tile, or a town-tile to a town-tile. Players must use their strategic thinking to out-wit their opponents efforts to dominate the emerging landscape.

Players are given followers, or ‘meeples’, which they can use to claim a feature tile they create during their turn. Players earn points this way during and at the end of the game. Points vary for incomplete and completed features at the end of the game.

Carcassonne is a Fantastic Strategy Game to Play with Your Best Friend or Your Whole Family
The game is designed for 2 to 5 players, but if you want to make it an even more epic, there are dozens of expansions available including extra tiles, and new characters and features such as princesses, rivers, dragons and towers. The size of your game is determined by how many tiles you have, so with the expansions the sky is the limit!

Let your imagination take flight as your explore and build your Medieval French landscape. If there is one Euro-style strategy board game to own or give as a gift, you can't go wrong with Carcassonne. Rediscover the fun of playing strategy board games with your friends and family.

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