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Early War Pulp Germans 8

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nitial trials with combat troops operating alongside Kriegsclaw units ended with unacceptably high casualty rates. German scientists solved the problem by coating the uniforms and equipment of their own troops with pheromones; chemical signals that dinosaurs would recognise as meaning /'do not eat/'. Unfortunately, prolonged exposure to the chemicals caused respiratory difficulties for the troops, so they were issued with gas masks that had a reserve air tank.

Trained to work closely in support of Kriegsclaws and other dinosaur units, these troops were armed with MP40s and the new MP44 assault rifles, plus a variety of anti-armour weapons. As the Kriegsclaws advanced into contact, the assault troops would dismount and provide suppression fire and close support to the cavalry.

Variations of the breathing apparatus were produced that included a design suited for limited underwater operations and waterborne insertion by Kommandotruppen.

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