Flesh and Blood - Part the Mistveil Booster

Flesh and Blood - Part the Mistveil Booster

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For ten thousand years our ancestors have walked the path well traveled. Like the tiger stalking its prey... They have waited. Like the snake hiding in the murky water... They have waited. Like the waning faces of the moon... They have waited...

Until now.

The truth lies beyond the mist...

Part the Mistveil beckons you to venture beyond the veil, to the hanging villages suspended between the perilous terrain of Misteria's canyons and gully's. Discover the secrets of a land steeped in mystique, where tradition, desire, and purpose will reshape your mind, body, and soul.

Part the Mistveil reveals the long awaited talent of heroes from Misteria... and it's unlike anything seen before! Introducing the new Mystic talent and featuring Assassin, Illusionist, and Ninja classes, Part the Mistveil is a beautifully crafted set for fans of Sealed Deck, Booster Draft, Constructed, and collecting alike.

Product Configuration:

  • 239 cards in set (1 Fabled, 6 Legendary, 43 Majestic, 54 Rares, 123 Commons, 12 Tokens, 18 Marvels)
  • 16 cards per pack 

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