Ultimate Guard Deck Case 133+ Standard Petrol Deck Box

Ultimate Guard Deck Case 133+ Standard Petrol Deck Box

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At first glance, the number seemed odd, and not necessary, but, we have heard many times now, from trusted sources, why one might want more capacity than 100.

133+, in our mind, and after physically testing, fits well in much of our system, as it divides into 400 and 800 nicely. 3 fit rather well in a Smarthive 550+, already a Commander staple (Multiple decks for extended gaming sessions, playmat slot, space for dice etc.) as do 6 in the upcoming OmniHive.

While the 100+ deck case is geared towards the ever increasingly popular Commander play format, those players have more than just 100 cards. They typically have up to 10 tokens, bringing the need to 110 cards of double sleeved space, that, no matter the sleeve brand, will not fit in any deck case 100+ (incidentally, these players are heavy users of the “multi-token” dry erase products for this very reason).

This reliable Deck Case offers safe storage for your decks. Available in various colours, including a write-on label for personalising the box.

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